Why I Made This Blog

Oh great! Another mommy blog

There are approximately 3,900,000 mommy blogs on the internet today so what makes you think anyone will care about yours? That is a big number but that seems like the wrong question to ask. There about 7.3 billion people alive today, what makes you worth loving? 

While the value of the U.S. dollar goes down as we print more money, the value of a human soul doesn’t decrease because the world’s population increases, and although the potency of information might be lessened because we are bombarded with it constantly, it doesn’t mean that good information is less valuable.

I hope The Noob to be a platform where good information is shared.

What The Noob hopes to do

I want to help women feel confident in accepting the imperfections of life while finding joy, growth, and accomplishment in the journey. In this social media and instant-information age it is so easy to compare and get discouraged! 

I want this to be an uplifting, authentic space where we can come to be ourselves and also a place where we are encouraged to grow by people who care about us.

For the past eight years I have felt like I needed to do this but I couldn’t find any one topic to blog about (I have begun blogs about fashion, cancer, food, and confidence to name a few haha). 

The Noob gives me the opportunity to share everything I’m learning and trying. It forces me to be new at something constantly, which helps to keep me grounded. It also gives me the opportunity to learn from you (which I am particularly jazzed about)! 

We are all experts in different things and I want to learn from those who have talents and passions that are different than mine! I want to develop lasting connections and friendships through this blog! 

Stay for dinner

I would love to hear from you if you resonate with this message! Please email me, connect with the other women on here, share your wisdom, your joys, and your questions. Remember you’re not alone!

Aubrea (the noob)

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