Why You Need to Sign up for Amazon Prime Tonight!!!

Amazon Prime is an amazing program and it has saved our family loads of money!!! Especially on diapers, I’ll explain that below but I wanted to let you know a few reasons you ought to sign up tonight!

  1. Prime day begins TONIGHT – Prime day is much like black friday only you don’t have to get trampled or flipped off in order to get the deal you want. You just have to get on Amazon’s website and sign up.
  2. Your first month is free – um, let me repeat that. Your first month is free (sign up here) so an incredibly intelligent thing to do would be to sign up right now. Get any of the Prime Day deals you want and then cancel your subscription before you have to start paying for it (that is if you don’t want to continue to receive the awesome benefits :).
  3. Free shipping is the best – Any Item that has the Prime checkmark on it means that you get free shipping and lots of the time it is next day delivery. Go sign up now!
  4. You can save over $200 a year on diapers – amazon has an amazing family program that can give you up to 20% off of diapers (which are already way cheaper than diapers at the store). I would explain it but I feel like this gal does an amazing job at explaining it so I’ll just link to her website, click here.
  5. Amazon Video is actually pretty good – They also have ton of movies, TV shows, and kindle books that you get free access to if you are an Amazon Prime member.

There you go,

SIGN UP RIGHT HERE –> Prime Day 2017 – 30 Hours of Deals <–

Heads up: This post contains associate links to Amazon. If you sign up, Amazon might pay me a tiny commission 🙂 but it won’t cost you any more than usual.

And just so you know, I will only ever promote products that I use and love. That’s the Noob Promise of Integrity!

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