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July 10, 2017

The Thing That Is Hurting Your Marriage

and How to Begin Improving It

What is the #1 reason for divorce? Based on a study done in 2013, 65% of divorces reported “communication problems” to be the reason for their divorce.  65% peeps!! Let’s let that sink in for a second. So if you would like to safeguard your marriage you better start practicing because this is an incredibly important skill!

“The key to positive communication is found in knowing and being known.”

link to quote here

So what is great communication? Great communication is understanding and feeling understood. Think of some of your friends, the ones that really rejuvenate you and make you want to be around them. They are most likely good communicators. They understand you, they make you feel heard, they discuss things with you, they pay attention when you are talking to them and they don’t interrupt.

We like friends like this (are you a friend like this?). (more…)

June 30, 2017

Coconut Kale Curry


As you all know, we eat a lot of rice and chicken and that’s a combo that can get boring pretty quick if you don’t learn how to change it up!

I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and I once stumbled upon a coconut curry recipe that had some kale with it. The picture looked incredible and the combo sounded delicious, so I decided to make it!!! That is, until I looked at the instructions. 50 steps long, a ton of ingredients, and it took over an hour to make. #nope! It sounded amazing but ain’t nobody got time make something like that!!! Soooo, I improvised and decided to make my own version!

One pan, five ingredients (plus some oil and spices), 30 minutes to make and voila! You’ve got a delicious dish impressive enough to knock your mother-in-law’s socks off! *BOOM* (more…)

June 26, 2017

Natalie Marsden

Inspiring Woman

I’m so excited to debut my first inspiring woman story! I will do this kind of post once a month interviewing and highlighting a woman I admire.

Motherhood is a strenuous journey! One that takes adjustment for most. It is physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging to know that someone else’s well being is (almost) entirely dependent on you and every mom feels (at times) overwhelmed by the task.

It’s common after the birth to retreat inside ourselves and stop doing those things that brought us joy before our children were born. From my observations the moms who are healthiest (mentally and physically) and happiest are those that have found balance in continuing to develop interests and talents along with tackling the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Today, I am sharing an interview with Natalie Marsden of Little Lady Bow Co. She owns an Etsy business and hand-makes adorable and comfy bows for little girls (and bow ties for little gents too). When I think of Natalie, I feel accepted and I smile. She is such an example to me of resilience and positivity! I met Natalie in high school and have always been impressed with her vitality for life! I am sharing her journey from being a new mom to a small business owner and all of the tears and discovery that led up to it.


June 22, 2017

Chunky Monkey Energy Bites

Your New Favorite Treat

Neal and I have been trying to cut down on our sugar intake. As well as our dairy intake. As well as our gluten intake. Holy Cow! I feel for those who don’t or can’t eat these things because they. are. in. everything. For real, read the labels. It can be pretty disheartening when you have to say goodbye to all of your favorite comfort foods.

If you want to be successful at changing your eating habits, I believe there are two big keys:

  1. It’s got to taste great and
  2. It has to be quick

Cause let’s be honest, if it’s not grab and go, the habit is not going to stick. We have been doing a lot of granola recently as a healthy snack but I wanted to try something different, so where did I turn? To the time-sucking vortex of Pinterest (home sweet home). (more…)

June 18, 2017

Panic Attacks!!!

5 Techniques to Help Make Them Less Horrible


It was fall time right after Neal and I got married. It was about 10AM and I was home alone getting ready in the bedroom in front of our mirror and listening to some music. Out of nowhere I heard a super loud crash, it sounded like our door being broke open. I immediately shut the bedroom door and locked it, pressing myself against it as a barricade. Is there someone in my home?

What do I do? My mind began racing and I tried calling Neal but he didn’t pick up. My heart was pounding so intensely, it was almost painful! I called my mom, while trying to figure out how I could escape. My mom picked up and I whispered to her as I opened up the bedroom window and kicked the screen off so I could get outside. I crawled out of the window and drove over to my parents house. I was absolutely terrified! (more…)

Welcome to the NOOB


Well Hello there! I guess I better introduce myself. My name is Aubrea and I'm the Noob. I am constantly striving to learn and try new things and the Noob is my space to share everything I’m learning and trying. It also gives me the opportunity to learn from you (which I am particularly jazzed about)! Let's be friends!

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